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Outsmarting the competition:

In an extremely competitive world, we know how hard it is to stand out, and it's important that you do it for the right reasons. Our team have over 60 years experience in this industry, and our knowledge, skill and expertise ensures your embroidered clothing will stand out from the crowd!


Want the best looking embroidery? It’s all in the digitizing:

Digitizing is a lost art form and sometimes the old ways are the best. We will take your artwork and using our skills and the latest software, we convert your design into digital form for our embroidery machines to use, and it’s the quality of the digitization which makes a big, BIG difference to the final result.

That’s why your artwork will be hand-digitized by our expert in-house, award winning UK digitizer. With over 30 years in the industry he will use stitch styles, colour blending, stitch angles and techniques which reflect light in just the right way to create your embroidered logo. It's all in the detail!

Combine that with our high quality clothing and world-renowned Barudan machines, and you’ll get embroidery with rich colours, crisp text and exceptional detail.

Expert digitizing is essential if you want your embroidered logo to look perfect on the garments you have ordered.

There really is no comparison to years of experience, you can't fake it and you will never mistake it again.

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